Track & Field HS Podcast Features Coaches’ Input From Every State

Podcasts have become more popular not only as entertainment but as a way for us to learn something new about our jobs and interests. The Gill Athletics Coaches Connection is definitely one podcast to listen to if you are a fan of track & field. Host Mike Cunningham, a former high school and college track coach and current National Business Development Manager for Gill Athletics interviews track & field coaches of all levels. He explores the unique journeys of coaches worldwide and listeners can engage with inspiring stories, uncover strategies that define success, and dive into the experiences that shape the track & field world. Each week Mike has conversations with a different coach and so far there are already over 250 episodes.

One special series that will begin April 2 is a must listen for all high school coaches looking for ways to improve the sport in our state. Cunningham will interview one representative from all 50 states to discuss what is unique about each, how track and field is conducted and the different ways athletes qualify for their championship meets. 


(To be individualized for each state)

Mike hosted MSR’s Marty Ogden to represent CT and that episode will be posted on April 9. 

Mike featured Longmeadow’s Tanner Williams and his episode will be posted on April 25.

Mike featured James Lourenco from La Salle Academy and his episode will be posted on April 16. 

Mike hosted Catrina Lougee from Nashua South HS and her episode will be posted on May 4. 

Each discussion is only about 15-20 minutes and can be listened to on the way to work by following this link You can chose to listen on any of your favorite apps or you can watch on the Gill Athletics YouTube channel.

The following are the release dates of each state’s episode. 

4/2 – Alabama featuring Ben Dake from Locust Fork HS

4/3 – Alaska featuring Melissa Hall from Chugiak HS

4/4 Arizona featuring Airabin Justin from North Canyon HS

4/5 – Arkansas featuring BJ Parrish from Bentonville West HS

4/6 – California featuring JT Ayers from Trabuco Hills HS

4/7 – Colorado featuring Markus Miller from Valor Christian HS

4/9 – Connecticut featuring Marty Ogden from

4/10 – Delaware featuring Mike Tucci from Ceasar Rodney HS

4/11 – Florida featuring Gary Dixon (42 years as coach, now retired)

4/12 – Georgia featuring Jonathan Gambrell from Marietta HS

4/13 – Hawaii featuring Mike Harvey from Maryknoll HS

4/14 – Idaho featuring Bryan Stith from Capital HS

4/16 – Illinois featuring Jarrin Williams from Rock Island HS

4/17 – Indiana featuring Chris Kramer from Pike Central HS

4/18 – Iowa featuring Sara Schwendinger from Des Moines Roosevelt HS

4/19 – Kansas featuring Aaron Ballew from Blue Valley Southwest HS

4/20 – Kentucky featuring Jimi Burress from Bethlehem HS

4/21 – Louisiana featuring Brad Womack from Patrick Taylor Academy

4/23 – Maine featuring George Mendros from Thronton Academy

4/24 – Maryland featuring Patrick Malone from Crofton HS

4/25 – Massachusetts featuring Tanner Williams from Longmeadow HS

4/26 – Michigan featuring Jeremy Annen from Coopersville Public HS

4/27 – Minnesota featuring Meghan Orgeman from Alexandria Area HS

4/28 – Mississippi featuring Ashley Bonds from Macomb HS

4/30 – Missouri featuring Kyle Morse from William Chrisman HS

5/1 – Montana featuring Blaine Pederson from Bozeman HS

5/2 – Nebraska featuring Kent McCrimmon from Concordia HS

5/3 – Nevada featuring Roy Sessions from Centennial HS

5/4 – New Hampshire featuring Catrina Lougee from Nashua South HS

5/5 – New Jersey featuring Tim Cook from Ocean City HS

5/7 – – New Mexico featuring Steven Montoya from Los Alamos HS

5/8 – New York featuring Justin Craddock from Williamsville North HS

5/9 – North Carolina featuring Andy Sparks from Marvin Ridge HS

5/10 – North Dakota featuring Jeff Bakke from Red River HS

5/11 – Ohio featuring Anjanette Whitman from Beaumont School

5/12 – Oklahoma featuring Luke Orvis from Edmond Memorial HS

5/14 – Oregon featuring Greg Rohr and Scott Jones from Sam Barlow HS

5/15 – Pennsylvania featuring Doug Petrick from Upper Sinclair HS

5/16 – Rhode Island featuring James Lourenco from La Salle Academy

5/17 – South Carolina featuring Oshay Davenport from Spartanburg HS

5/18 – South Dakota featuring Casey Shade from Sioux Falls Roosevelt HS

5/19 – Tennessee featuring Drew Matthews from Franklin Road Academy

5/21 – Texas featuring Stu Kanto from TTFCA

5/22 – Utah featuring Scott Stucki from Hillcrest HS

5/23 – Vermont featuring Dennis Akey from South Burlington HS

5/24 – Virginia featuring Jeff Fanale from Centreville HS

5/25 – Washington featuring Eric Hisaw from Walla Walla HS

5/26 – Washington DC featuring Tia Clemmons from Jackson Reed HS

5/28 – West Virginia featuring James Dalton from Morgantown HS

5/29 – Wisconsin featuring Mark Hoffman from South Milwaukee HS

5/30 – Wyoming featuring Carson Rowley from Cody HS

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